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Many recent college graduates are underemployed or struggling to find a fulfilling career. They exit MBA programs with major firms in mind then often find the corporate grind uninspiring. They fail to see the possibility of a startup, a small up-and-comer where they can be creative and take risks.

Steve Kahan will be the first to tell you he knew nothing about tech when he first went to work at a tech start-up many years ago. He was desperate to leave his safe corporate job and do something he could feel passionate about – and he did. In the 30+ years he’s spent in the tech start-up world he’s worked for seven of them, and the first six have either successfully sold or have gone public, generating over $3 billion in shareholder value. This book teaches recent graduates and job-seekers how to turn their general business acumen into a successful career at a tech startup.

Kahan masterfully blends the reality of tech start-up opportunities with the art of leadership.

Phil Vorobeychik, Managing Director of Vertica Capital Partners
James Legg

“Steve is a champion for brave, new leaders. This is an outstanding book by the top innovator in technology marketing, and I’m thrilled that he is sharing his insider expertise to inspire and develop legions of young professionals.”

James Legg

CEO of Thycotic
Douglas J. Erwin

“This is a damn fresh, innovative approach to start-up career success, and I wish all of my hires over the years had read it. It simultaneously inspires while laser-focusing on the leadership traits one needs to succeed. Steve’s book is an honest, insightful, well-written career guidebook.”

Douglas J. Erwin

Managing Partner of RedHouse Associates
Laurie Stone

“In Be a Startup Superstar, Steve holds a shining light up high so we all can see the path forward into the lucrative and exhilarating world of technology start-ups. Steve’s book is exactly what college graduates need to gain unimaginable experience and income.”

Laurie Stone

Trustee Emeritus, William Rainey Harper Community College

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About the Author

Steven Mark Kahan has successfully helped to grow seven startup companies from early-stage development to going public or being sold, resulting in a total value of more than $3 billion.

Bringing passion and positive energy, Steve inspires teams and their organizations to take on the impossible and succeed. He is best known for his ability to plan marketing strategy and execute it, so that companies can accelerate revenue, grow market share, and consistently deliver superior returns for shareholders.

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