Podcasts featuring Steve Kahan

Podcasts featuring Steve Kahan

CHARGE Podcast

Steve Kahan and Gary Wilbers discuss the habits of success, the signs of a winning startup and the importance of good time management.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Careercast

Steve Kahan dispels the idea that “if you don’t succeed in your first startup, it’s unlikely you ever will” and explains how some people believe serial entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed in startups.

Engaging Voices Podcast

Ignite your career by being a startup superstar. That’s what Steve Kahan startup advocate and author of Be a Startup Superstar, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

The Boiling Point Podcast

Steve Kahan discusses his passion for helping others achieve success in the startup world

The Career Clarity Show

Steve and Lisa talk about how to think like an investor when you interview for any job, so no matter whether you’re seeking a startup gig or a traditional corporate role, you will be able to strategically risk-manage your next career move.

Collegehood Advice Podcast

Steve discusses what a start-up really is, how to select a strong start-up to work for, how to stand out from the crowd when applying to work for a start-up, and how to succeed as a successful start-up professional.

Minddog TV

Steve shares lessons learned in over 30 years for how young professionals or those that feel stuck in the corporate world can earn a great living doing what they love.

Join Up Dots Podcast

Steve talks about being a startup superstar, compared to what it takes to be merely successful, why a startup operates like its the last outpost for outlaws, and why energy and protecting your time is so vitally important.

I.T. Career Energizer Podcast

Phil Burgess and Steve Kahan discuss the benefits of working for a startup, how to pick one with a winning product and quickly track down the best jobs within the sector.

The Big Game Hunter Podcast

Not Sure About Working for a Startup? Steve Kahan and Jeff Altman discuss why you should and how to go about it.

Mastering College to Career Podcast

Steve Kahan and Daniel Botero discuss why every college student should consider starting their career with a startup, how to find startups near you, and what questions you should ask during the interview.

The Career Farm Podcast

Steve Kahan, author and serial entrepreneur, has advice you won’t want to miss on how to launch a stellar career with a tech start-up.

Silicon Alley Podcast

Steve Kahan explains why and how joining a startup is the best decision you can make for your career as well as unconventional advice on evaluating startups.

Billion Dollar Legacy Podcast

How Steve Kahan Helped Grow Six Start-Ups Resulting in More Than $3 Billion in Shareholder Value.

Working on Purpose Podcast

Steve talks with Dr. Alise Cortez about the benefits of startups as a viable alternative to a stagnating career in a large corporation.

Nobody Told Me! Podcast

Steve talks about his passion: teaching those graduating from college (and those who’d like to switch careers) how to earn a great living at a tech startup.

The Hard Corps Marketing Show Podcast

Steve gives his recommendations of what to look for in a startup, best practices for website conversion, and stresses the importance of measurement in marketing.

Getting Work to Work Podcast

Steve shares his definition of a startup as both a culture and mindset, the importance of focusing on must-solve problems and competition, the interdependence of work and family, and being on the journey of life-long learning.

Careers by Jen Podcast

What is a tech startup? And why is it so attractive a career? Guest Steve Kahan talks about why this might be a great option for you.

Career Warrior Podcast

Steve Kahan provides motivational advice about why and how you should apply for startups.

The Job Search Solution Podcast

Steve Kahan and Tony Beshara discuss entrepreneurial issues concerning college graduates and young professionals

Get Yourself the Job Podcast

Jennifer K. Hill talks with Steve Kahan about real life issues that people face when navigating the path to finding their dream job.

A Geek Leader Podcast

Steve Kahan discusses everything from preparing for an interview with a startup to being your best self in a startup environment.

Enterprise Podcast Network – Author Podcast

Steve Kahan and Eric Dye discuss the whats, whys and hows of getting involved with start-up including necessary skills and questions to ask when considering a start-up’s potential.

The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson

Steve Kahan discusses Lessons Learned From Startups and Tips for Innovation in Any Business

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